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Forklift For Material Or Mould Exchange 2Tons


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The electric Forklift is also known as the electric stack truck and the electric stacking truck. It is a kind of industrial storage equipment powered by motor and battery as power source.

What are the points for attention when handling the electric forklift?
1, When the Electric Forklift is working, it is forbidden for personnel to stand on the fork, or when the fork is descending, it is forbidden to stand under the fork.
2, When the forklift is near or evacuating goods, the speed should be slow and steady. No rolling objects are allowed to prevent debris from flying.
3, Prohibit the use of forklift personnel engaged in high altitude operations, in order to avoid falling accidents.
4. Single fork operation is prohibited.
5, When goods are on the fork, no high speed and turn.
6, The weight of the goods shall not exceed the carrying capacity of the forklift.
7, Prohibit the use of braking inertia to slip.
8, The height of the goods prohibits the driver's line of vision.
9, Prohibit high-speed fork goods and use forked head hard objects to collide.